ArtWeeks 2020

ArtStudio.Life at Jericho Community Centre is a vibrant and varied exhibition bringing together the work of fourteen artists for Artweeks 2020. They employ a wide range of media, from drawing and painting through a variety of printmaking techniques. There is something here for everybody, from Dianne Frank's delicate botanical studies in coloured pencil to Tim Irving's bold textured abstracts; Debrah Martin's lyrical landscapes to Uniz Manda-Liu's striking red, white and black screenprints; Jane Peart's detailed etchings of wildlife to Moses Bikishoni's abstract mixed media pieces. Ann Spencer's work is based on life in the countryside, while Rose Bradford's enigmatic etchings have a strong narrative content. Neus Grandia, Kaila Mae, and Miriam Ortega Dominguez all draw on experience and emotion in everyday life. The 2D work is supported by a selection of ceramics from Claire Drinkwater, and jewellery by Mirela Bustrevic. Add into this mix one poet (Matt Grundy), and you have an irresistible combination. 

Exhibition Dates: 16th-25th May 2020.  11am - 5pm daily
Location: Jericho Community Centre, 33A Canal St, Oxford,  OX2 6BQ