I have loved art as long as I can remember. As a child I would find my escape in the beauty of colours and imagination.   Creating is the most peaceful place for me to be, and the most personal. When I paint or draw, I am sharing a very intimate part of me. I feel exposed and vulnerable but it’s the most honest way of being and the only way I know how to be.   I dabbled with art as a teenager and then as a young adult I found refuge in creating art. Life was coming at me fast and at times I felt overwhelmed and unable to cope. That’s when I turned to painting.    

I was fortunate to be mentored by some amazing artists who gave me the confidence I needed. I enrolled in classes at Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, Texas to improve my technique and after that experience I painted from instinct and imagination. I continue to learn and push myself to explore and evolve as an artist.    Life is a constant balance between surviving and living. But art for me is about really living!   

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  • Perfectly Square
  • Empty Doors
  • Rainfall Silence
  • Frail
  • Rain Walks
  • Freedom
  • Suspended Reality
  • Builder