A Little Bit About...

Uwe Ackermann
"I use the camera to frame the visual world and to make photographs that encourage observation and reflection upon what is there for all to see. Most of my photographs result more from chance observation than from deliberate staging. Some are made, not taken."

Ann Spencer
"My work is informed by my life in and around the Goring gap, in Oxfordshire. I use a variety of print making and painting techniques, and my reference is taken from drawings, photographs and memories. I like to emphasise the seemingly insignificant or small things and their interconnections"

Michael Lester
"Mike Lester specialises in water colour and acrylic painting. His illustrative style reflects his former career as cabinet maker and antique restorer and he takes pleasure in focusing on the finer details and colour to achieve a true representation of his subject. Mike enjoys painting animal portraits and townscapes from Oxford’s past, particularly the architecture and areas of Oxford in which Mike grew up, that no longer exist."

Uniz Chuey
“Ew, bugs!” is a common phrase I hear lots from my bug hating sisters. This screen print series of work celebrates the role of insects in the circle of life. Bugs are an essential element of the ecosystem and the current decimating trend of insects threaten the collapse of nature. Images of my other media, the skin, will also be on display along with older drawings of mine."

Daniel Arellano-Flores
"Oxfordian and an Illustrator. Studied at Banbury Art College and at Falmouth University. I am a freelance Illustrator, Pen and Ink is my medium. I illustrate Chapter Heads for novels and am currently illustrating two Children’s books. I use black ink aided by magnifying glass. I render my images on a computer to sharpen my drawings."

Donna Han
"Multi-media artist and photographer. I am forever curious about how our different experiences shape us. My work seeks to capture the individual character of people, creatures and places. While looking for the beauty I not afraid to encounter wilderness."

Simon Lewis
"Modeled in clay, translated through casting or constructed and forged in metal, my work is largely figurative and most often three dimensional. Melding references from nature, anatomy and the imagery of comic book art. It’s inspired and informed by the techniques of illusion and artifice in film and story telling."

Richard Johnson
"I mix clays and collect ashes, I then burn them until they become interesting"

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