Mirela Bustrevic

Just like my passion for different cultures and travel the passion for arts was always present.

I studied and practiced photography and graphic design.

The interest in jewellery design was always present in the back of my mind and finally when pregnant with my second child in 2013 I undertook two short courses in silver smithing which brought the birth of lim jewelry design.

My love was wearing sterling silver jewellery and especially chunky rings. Most of the materials used in the jewellery are sterling silver, fine silver, gold, copper semi precious stones and crystals.

When using beads or crystals the bright and strong colours are always present. I believe each object projects an energy vibration. When creating jewellery I bless each piece and make it into a unique piece of art to wear. All of the pieces are handmade and there is a texture engraved in the jewellery inspired by antique jewellery . No piece is the same which makes it very special and unique.

Contact The Artist:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mirela_bustrevic

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Lim...

Website: folksy.com/shops/limjewellerydesign

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  • Ring
  • Freshwater Pearls with Copper and Stirling Silver
  • LIM Jewellry
  • Set Stirling Silver and Copper Necklace